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    In this section we are offering you some studies about the history and spirituality of the MSSP. All documents will open in a new window.


    • Cilia, Martin, MSSP:

    The Missionary Spirituality of Joseph De Piro

    This study is concerned with the Missionary Spirituality of Joseph De Piro, founder of the Missionary Society of St. Paul. Attention is given to the particular culture and Christian tradition in which De Piro grew. The study proceeds on how De Piro lived the missionary charism by integrating contemplation and action within his life of prayer and his spirituality of ministry. Finally there is a pastoral focus on how the Missionary Society of St. Paul can live out this spirituality today.

    Fr. Martin Cilia is presently involved in Formation ministry in Malta.



    • Grima, Mark, MSSP:

    A Pauline Missionary Spirituality

    As Mark himself states in his introduction, this dissertation offers "a rather tentative study, emphasizing the missionary dimension in Paul, which happened to be his motivating factor, and proposing him as a source of inspiration and direction for those involved in the ministry of evangelization".

    Fr Mark Grima is on the MSSP's International Formation Team.


    • Zammit Satariano, Mario, MSSP:

      The Handling of Pauline Texts by the Servant of God Joseph De Piro

      In this dissertation Mario takes a close look at the homilies given by Joseph De Piro and finds out that whilst "he draws his inspiration from both Old and New Testaments, he attaches much importance to the Pauline epistles. This shows that he was imbued with the apostolic zeal that finds its driving force in the writings of the great apostle of the gentiles"

      Fr Mario Zammit is currently ministering in Australia as Parish Priest of Our Lady of Victories' Parish, Horsley Park.

    • Micallef, Mario, MSSP:

      Diamo agli altri ciņ che San Paolo ha dato a noi

      This article (in Italian) was published in the March 2007 issue of the monthly "MISSIONI OMI". Here Fr Mario gives an overview of the history and ministries of the MSSP.

      Fr. Mario Micallef is one if the councillors to the MSSP's Superior General.


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