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    Living as a Religious Brother in Pakistan

    - Br. Dominic Borg mssp

    Br. Dominic Borg is a professed Brother of the Missionary Society of St Paul. Here he tells us about his life and ministries in Pakistan, which is a predominantly Muslim country.

    Br Dominic Borg MSSP in Pakistan

    Br Dominic, together with the Parish School co-ordinator and teachers from "Yuhannabad 2" primary school.

    My name is Brother Dominic Borg and I come from the town of Rabat, in Malta. I joined the Missionary Society of St Paul in September, 1974. After my novitiate year I had various ministries in both Malta and Gozo.

    In May 1997 I left Malta to begin giving my services in our mission in Pakistan. This was my very first experience in a mission country. As soon as I arrived there, after three days in Karachi, I went to Faisalabad. There the MSSP had in those days two Parish Centres, one in Chak Jhumra and the other in Chak 7. In the latter, besides the Parish Centre we also had a Formation House where young men were being prepared to become Paulist members and priests.

    My first task in those early days was that of studying the language. I also used to accompany our priests in visiting the many villages of the parish. This helped me to get in touch with the realities of daily life as experienced by the people.

    After that I went for a few months in Chak Jhumra. Besides the running of the parish, we also have here a hostel for orphaned children and a primary school. Even here, one of my main ministries was to visit families and to organize various parish activities. Naturally, I also used to give a  helping hand in the running of both the hostel and school.

    Then I was asked to move on to Lahore, in Yuhannabad, which is another parish under the pastoral care of the MSSP. This is a very big parish, having a number of villages annexed to it. There are three primary schools here of which I am presently responsible. We have a large number of children being educated here often for just a nominal fee, and some of them even for free due to the dire financial situation of the families. I also give a helping hand in the pastoral work of the parish, mainly by visiting villages and organize Bible Services. Family visiting is a very important aspect of our parish life, and we do our utmost to visit all families in our parish boundaries at least once a year. During these visits we talk to the people, listen to them and pray with them.

    Family visiting is a very important aspect of our parish life ... During these visits we talk to the people, listen to them and pray with them.

    In Pakistan we do our best to keep good relations with our Muslim friends. In fact occasionally we invite them to some of our programmes and they, particularly those who live in our area, show us great love and respect. I would like to add here that we also have a number of Muslim children in our schools.

    Finally it is worth noting that we often invite to our home young people who express the desire to become Paulist Missionaries themselves. Besides giving them the opportunity to have a first hand experience of our everyday life, we organize for them various meetings and prayer sessions.



    "I follow you wherever you go"